Does atDove offer Closed Captioned videos?

atDove is committed to expanding our closed captioned videos to be more accessible for all members. As of now, atDove videos are only captioned in English.

atDove utilizes a human-generated closed captioning service that has a 99% accuracy. Additionally, our team ensures that all captions are reviewed by a medical team member at DoveLewis. This final step is critical to ensuring that veterinary terminology is translated appropriately. 

How to Use the Closed Caption Features

To access closed captions on a video, click on the “CC” located in the lower-right hand corner of the video and select English.

You can also search within the captions for key-words. To do so, click on the small arrow within the caption.

Once the captions have expanded, use the top search bar to search for specific words within the video. If you click on the yellow highlighted word, it will automatically take you to that point in the video.